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Funding: Finding the Right Balance

by Elaine Herbert on 05/12/17

Nobody involved in raising funds for a charitable cause has ever told me that fundraising is stress-free, or easy. Trends in grant-making which focus on a hot topic make it difficult to find funding for other important work, while finding the right balance between restricted and unrestricted funding makes fundraising even more challenging.

Restricted funding places limits on a grant or donation, typically at one of the following levels:

  • Inputs (e.g. the recipient will use the funds to purchase textbooks)

  • Outputs (e.g. the recipient will use the funds to run 100 classes)

  • Outcomes (e.g. the recipient will use the funds to improve the literacy of 100 children)

  • Themes or beneficiaries (e.g. the recipient will use the funds to educate homeless children)

Unrestricted funding however is not always a clearly defined concept. Often defined as general operating support, it may also be referred to as core funding, funding for day to day expenses, or more conceptually unrestricted funds can be defined as donations in support of an organisation’s mission.

We appreciate that there are sometimes good reasons for restricting funds, but we now find ourselves in a position where we are over reliant on restricted funds, and this is not good.

It could all too easily result in a situation where important work is sacrificed.

We urgently appeal to our Mants’ase family and friends to donate or to contact us for more information about making a donation.

At Mants’ase unrestricted funds can be used at different times towards covering the cost of day to day expenses which include food, toiletries, cleaning materials, clothing (including school uniforms), staff salaries, transport, insurance, medical treatment and legal assistance for the children, the maintenance of buildings and other infrastructure, electricity, telephone, networking, advocacy, as well as essential administration expenses that ensure good governance.

Our mission is twofold:

  • To continue developing an excellent support centre to deliver integrated and equitable essential services to destitute families, through strengthening family support and helping them overcome challenges such as HIV/AIDS and endemic poverty.

  • To provide residential care for children who have no other safety net, keeping them as much a part of the community as possible and helping equip them to be responsible adults who will grow up to be significant contributors to their communities.

We at Mants’ase believe that we should focus first on achieving the best results for the children and community we serve. That we should always be mindful of the fact that an NGO and its activities are not two separate entities, they are in fact two sides of the same coin, and that unrestricted funds are critical for our sustainability.

Finding the Right Balance


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