Thank you

We are very grateful and continue to be grateful for every donation we have received through the years. Each donation has made a difference and we would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You.

​Thank you for donations made in kind, these are a Godsend.

Thank you to those who have donated their time, energy and skills. Your tireless work and enthusiasm has kept us afloat and your friendship is treasured.

Thank you for funding provided for specific long term projects, particularly for new infrastructure which has contributed so much to the improved health and well being of all our children.

And thank you to those who make regular donations as you help us devote more time to nurturing the children in our care, while spending less time worrying about paying the day-to-day expenses. 

God bless you.
Thank You to the following Government Ministries, Charities, Organisations, Businesses and to the caring people who represent them. 

Your regular donations and the resources you have made available to us, along with your time and skills - over many years - have made a world of difference.

- The Ministry of Social Development
- The Ministry of Health
- The Ministry of Education and Training 
- The Ministry of Police
- The Anglican Church (Qhalasi Mission)
- The Umckaloabo Stiftung (Germany)
- The Rosehip Company (Lesotho)
- K.B.T. Jandrell & Co (Lesotho)
- LSP Construction (Lesotho)
- Sentebale (Lesotho)
- AfriSam (Lesotho)
- Lesotho Flour Mills (Lesotho)
- Msizi Africa (UK)
- Faith Foundation (US)
- Trust for Africa (Lesotho)

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The Mophato oa Mants'ase Society

building a brighter future for our children
To our Mohale’s Hoek and Qhalasi communities

You have rejoiced with us during good times and you have stood loyally by us during the worst of times. Your homes surround us, your goodwill protects us, and through your prayers our hope and our trust in the future are constantly renewed.

The extent of the practical help and support that you have given to the children and staff at Mants’ase is also beyond measure. Not only do you reach out to us and help us in so many different ways almost every day, just knowing that we can ask for your help at any time of the day or night, and on any day of the year means so much to us. 

There is tremendous comfort in knowing that help is always near.

Thank you so much!
Built to Last
Thank you so much to Axel and Judith Milberg and the Umckaloabo Stiftung for the pivotal role they played in securing the necessary funding, and to RTL vir helfen kindern for generously sponsoring the cost of our three new buildings!
The Roundabout Pump
Thanks to the very generous donation of a new, additional borehole and roundabout pump system, which includes a 2,500 litre storage tank and stank stand, the problem of regular water shortages has been addressed.
​Thank You Trilogy
Unrestricted funds are essential for our sustainability and we are very grateful to Trilogy for demonstrating their trust in our ability to use their donation wisely by contributing generously to our unrestricted funds.