Vegetable garden
Vegetable Garden
The Small Holding
The Small Holding
The Society's small holding is approximately 15 hectares (approximately 37 acres) in size and there are two water storage dams on the property. This water is used for irrigation.

A local business has leased most of the agricultural land, of which about 5 acres is arable, and this income is paid directly to Mants'ase Children's Home.

Water for domestic use is pumped from a borehole (well) into a reservoir, from where it is taken by gravity to the buildings. Solar energy is used to supply power to the water pump and for heating water for domestic purposes.

Water for the orchid and vegetable garden at Mants'ase Children's Home is pumped from a second borehole which is situated in the orchid, next to the vegetable garden. 

A roundabout pump is used to pump water from this borehole. When the children play on the roundabout which is situated above the second borehole, water is pumped into a storage tank at the top of a high tank stand. Water is then fed by gravity from the storage tank to a tap. This water has been tested and is also safe for human consumption.

Any surplus water is made available to Nama-u-Lule village.

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